My range of coaching services

Welcome to my diverse range of coaching services below. 


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If you require any further information about any of my services or to see if I can support you, please either book a free discovery session or drop me an email.  I look forward to hearing from you. 

1-1 Online Coaching

Within my coaching offer to you I can support you create a sense of ownership of bringing understanding & purpose to live your life your way....

Supporting you bring clarity to how you want to live your life, be it personal, career, relationship or social aspects to explore focusing on your wellbeing as a base element.

I offer a warm, safe holding space where you can identify key areas that you want to bring change to, then support you evolve actions to transition to where you want to be.

Private Meeting

High Impact Online Coaching Programme

If you are looking for a powerful coaching session where a lot is covered in a concise, yet expansive approach, book in......

Within my coaching journey so far, I have found that some people are requiring a quick burst of coaching, which is high energy & brings them to get an overview of their current situation & actions that become clear to them within this dynamic session.

The session is initially 2 hours long with a follow up reflective session at a later date.

Loving the energy within these sessions as the resulting clarity brings direction & focus for the clients that have accessed this.


Coaching  - Wellbeing for Sole Trader's/SME's

How do you manage your Wellbeing as a sole trader?  Do you have a Self-Care approach to support you with the stresses of business & finding balance.

Through my learning whilst on my professional journey as a helping professional & developing my own business, one thing that has stuck out for me is the lack of wellbeing/self-care provision directed at sole traders or SME's. 

Corporations or bigger businesses more often have wellbeing policies to support their staff when life gets too stressful or overwhelming.

Is this something that you are aware of in your own professional practice? Are you mindful of your wellbeing?  Does your wellbeing/self-care take a back seat for all the other priorities?


I would love to work with you to support you create a wellbeing package that recognises how best to support you with the multiple streams of work that you cover within your role as running a small business. 

For more information & pricing please get in touch via the contact form or booking a free Discovery call.

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