Coaching Supervision Services

Reviewing CVs

Bringing you a range of supportive professional supervision services to create growth, creativity, ownership & safe practice within your coaching business.

Virtual Conference

1-1 Coaching Supervision

Does some of your professional practice leave you at the end of the session with questions that you would find useful to explore?

This is a service that offers you as a coach or helping professional the opportunity to share within a safe space. 

Wellbeing & safe practice are key elements of my work with you, this is a space that can support you build your practice, whilst supporting the areas of our caring work that can overwhelm.

Virtual Team Meeting

Online Group Coaching Supervision

If you are exploring how to access Supervision on a regular basis alongside other coaches, this may be right for you?

This is an area of my Supervision services which is going from strength to strength.  I am working with established Cohorts of coaches that are choosing to access Supervision together whilst connecting with & supporting a diverse range of topics.

I work with you by establishing a strong feeling of connectedness with each other, emphasising the grounding within the group to evolve a dynamic, honest approach to coaching supervision.

I bring time for each coach to share and bring equality to each session with relevants questions, foc & current areas to work on as identified within the group.

Image by Chris Montgomery

Group Coaching Practice Conversations

Not sure how to get going with your Coaching now you are qualified?  Feel you want to build more confidence as you want more experience?

Are you interested in practising your coaching if you are newly qualified, have not had much opportunity to coach since your qualification or want to try some new models to develop your skills further.

An opportunity to work within Triads exploring coaching practice, utilising reflection & trying different coaching techniques in a supported environment with other coaches.

In a Meeting

1-1 Coaching Practice Audit

How do you quality check your coaching practice?  Do you review your coaching behaviours?

This is an area of coaching that I have found coaches are requiring as their coaching practice develops.

They are exploring self-evaluation, how can they monitor the quality of their practice if they are a sole practitioner?

We can explore how you are monitoring your behaviours as a coach, where you feel you may want to invest regarding CPD & also bring to Supervision if you may see areas that you want to unpick.

Private Meeting