Yesterday having had a working online meeting with Roger Hunt – Life coach for Highly Sensitive People (HSP), I had a major lightbulb moment. We were exploring our joint work around group coaching which is a brilliant creative process.

I acknowledged the wonderful work that Roger is doing within his coaching with HSP within our conversation, then looked up what highly sensitive people experience online within our meeting – this was my realisation of Wow, that’s key elements of me! This filled me with a tremendously impactful feeling of settling within myself, acknowledging how I function on a daily basis and have all my life! I was really in awe of my inner workings at this point.

So, what does this mean to me, why do I resonate with this and also why haven’t I already realised this? That is the beauty of working with another HSP – Roger! We have been working together over the last year creating workshops, supporting each other’s business growth and intuitively bouncing off of each other within our creativity. Unknown to us was we didn’t know about this element of our core personalities – it is individual and unique for each of us - when we first worked together, it is the synergy that has honed our focus, direction and easiness of working together.

For me, now I am researching what being a HSP means to me and how it fully impacts me, yet I know already that I meet the outline criteria of being an HSP.

These include;

  • Hating violence in any form, in person, on any form of media – being impacted long after the event physically, mentally & particularly emotionally.

  • Being blown away by any interaction with nature, animals, my pets. I connect with music deeply absorbing the rhythm or richness of a voice. Visually I am drawn to art, beauty in others and I am so touched by kindness exhibited by others.

  • I prefer small social occasions, shy away from big noisy crowds, yet give me a music concert I connect with the music and the ambiance/energy of the audience.

  • Being in my own space, preferably accessing nature or at least seeing nature is my de-stressor, 1-1 meaningful conversations with friends, colleagues or clients is my idea of heaven. These are balanced interactions where there is time and space to interact at a pace that is mutually compatible.

  • I am able to read interactions with other people or situations which is not always positive for me as I absorb the emotion that is involved be it positive or negative. This I know is something that I have had to manage to stay whole myself. It is a great skill for me as a coach though. 😊

  • The final area is my inner world, well this is busy! It’s a lively, deep world with a curiosity for life and people to match the nosiest cat! I have a contentment in working through things in my head through my own bespoke processing, yet I am happy being friends with myself within this inner communication.

Where do I go now, after the realisation yesterday, a tiredness came over me, which was settling, safe, warm and felt like a coming home feeling. This feeling of acceptance has stayed with me and feels peaceful.

I am now in a process of reflecting and making sense of my journey so far in my life, the emotional journey has been beautiful & uplifting for the majority, yet I have had harrowing times where I have felt isolated and overwhelmed within my own emotions. This then can leave emotional scars, which go deep. So, there is really room for some future acceptance and healing for my own emotional health.

I thank Roger, for so kindly and safely holding the space that permitted me to connect with this essential element of myself that is such a resource.

My curiosity is now totally ignited for this exciting internal knowledge and with having external interactions with Highly Sensitive People and how we impact our external world.

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