A semi-wild garden, deer graze & live alongside in the copse, fields and garden itself.

Badgers visit on their nocturnal ramblings.

Shy hares sneak into it at sunrise and cavort on the lawn.

Birdsong is the natural interruption of the tranquillity set to the backdrop of the grounding of the far reaching view of a Scottish rolling valley towards the Bennachie range of hills nearly 30 miles away.

The sunrise & sunset spectacularly frame each day with a business of nature as the day commences and settling as it ends.

The wind plays its own natural orchestra of mood music building rampaging 'Storm - Vivaldi' strength, then quietening to the gentle 'Piano Concerto in A Minor - Grieg'. The birds accompaniment emphasising natures chorus.

All this adds up to a rich tapestry of external input which feeds my soul!

So offering coaching from our little croft empowers me to be a professional friend to you within how you want to redefine, redirect, develop, problem solve, celebrate yourself or your business.

My own direction has been heavily influenced by my external world, I have sat my desk next to a window which allows me to work whilst being fed visually by life. This is turn supports my reflection, my creativity is flowing & my interactions with others comes from feeling connected, grounded & open.

How do you interact with the natural world? How important to you is your connection with nature? Have you ever stopped and thought about natures effect on you?

It may just hold many clues to support your wellbeing, your creativity & living well.

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