Updated: Aug 11, 2021

What does group coaching involving Intentional Journeys mean to you as our audience?

The way we want to deliver a group coaching workshop is by facilitating an approach to gain clarity and focus through exploring any areas that we might feel are lacking direction or meaning particularly within our wellbeing. We can support you gain insight into what you want to prioritise in your life to support being able to filter out the less significant areas of our lives that get in the way!

Through a coaching, positive psychology and mindfulness toolkit, we explore, support, encourage & celebrate together as you connect with important aspects of you & how you are living your life.

Through our own development process with Roger & I blending working together and creating the content for this empowering group coaching workshop as part of our portfolio of offers, we both have fully engaged on finding our own access to our own individual Intentional Journeys. This has resulted in life feeling richer, clearer, more authentic & simpler.

This approach has created a strong emphasis within us individually working authentically with our gut, our senses, nature and both our emotional & creative intelligence. We sit more comfortably within our own skins knowing we are grounded within our values, beliefs & how we set & access goals to live with purpose & meaning in our own unique ways.

Communication is key to joining the dots within ourselves, listening to others & sharing our own views/reactions within a safe holding environment which we offer, offering access to a deeper level of insight into who we really are & how we want to live.

Interested? We offer a rich, learning experience to kick start your personal development journey.

Check out our websites to be able to book directly or for a quick chat to see if the workshop is suitable.

Caroline Anthony from Coaching from the Croft Roger Hunt from Alder Tree Mindfulness

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