Offering you a warm welcome to my updated website and the range of services that I am offering.

My work with you as a Coach

Through my continued development as a coach I am bringing you coaching with an emphasis on Wellbeing as a core element of my work to support you living more fully the life you are choosing for you.

Typical subjects might include:

  • Coping with stress at work

  • Struggling within relationships with family, partner & colleagues

  • Trying to juggle life, yet feeling unfulfilled

  • Feeling like you are searching for a way of life that fits

My work with you as a Supervisor of Coaches & Helping Professionals

Currently building a dynamic group of coaches & helping professionals supporting their professional practice whilst supporting further development & application of how they want to service their clients.

This includes the following areas:

  • Application of models & tools within their practice

  • Safeguarding issues safely managed & route of process set in place

  • Wellbeing & self-care a priority as to how they are functioning

  • Connecting with other coaches/professional due to isolation as sole business owner

  • Sharing plans & working through developing business/practice

  • Practice Supervision for working with individual clients to support direction of work

  • Managing their focus for how they strive to work within their professional field

I welcome your enquiries into how I may assist you in either of my fields of work & look forward to meeting you.

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