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Welcome to finding more about me....

I am based in rural Aberdeenshire, having been born & bred in rural Dorset.  We moved here 2 years ago to a little stone farmhouse, within the middle of breathtaking views & countryside.  

We live alongside deer, pheasants, wild birds, badgers & our own little menagerie of dogs & cats.  This totally supports my connection with nature & how this is an essential part of my grounding and living a simpler life.

Thus the name of my business 'Coaching from the Croft' it manifests within how I coach, how I offer a consistent, grounded approch to how I work with my clients which is a solid platform for them to reflect & bounce off.

Personal development has been a key element of my life, it is a little addictive!!!  My constant curiousity in life, people, hopeful outcomes & learning is my daily way of being. Within my journey of self discovery, I have discovered that I am a Highly Sensitive Person which explains a lot about my own interactions and observations about life around me and my internal processing.

I enjoy vegetable gardening, walks in the wonderful Scottish countryside & coastline, exploring the history of Scotland, renovating our farmhouse & embracing my life and family.

My Story

So many people believe that they are stuck with their lot!  Guess what we can all make changes that really transform our lives!  Sometimes it is with minimal effort and just tiny changes in perspective, other times more indepth work needs to be carried out.

This has culminated, so far, in me wanting to work outside the box of Children's Services, which is where I had spent the last 16 years, bringing my own, learned, bespoke skillset to how can I support individuals understand they can change their lives.  Thus I added coaching to my skillset and created my own company Coaching from the Croft.

Anyway, I love working with people going through this transition, I see potential in everyone & so want others to be able to see this potential for themselves. I walk alongside for them to be able to bounce concepts off me whilst learning & finding their own answers.  We call it "light bulb" moments when they discover these answers & I feel so privileged that I have been a part of this process & get to witness it first hand.  

My core values include HOPE, KINDNESS, COMPASSION, BELIEF, CONGRUENCE & evolving an AUTHENTIC grounded environment which is the magical part of the wonder of people finding their own revelations of how they want to live.


I bring 30 years of rich & rewarding experience of working inclusively in Health, Social Care & Education fields to my role as a Coach & Coaching Practice Supervisor. 

The areas of working with people I have encompassed have primarily been around vulnerable children & their families.


I have supported individuals within the following fields to overcome barriers and access more choices for themselves;


  • Mental Health - supporting adults & children living daily with mental ill health

  • Domestic Abuse - supporting individuals rebuild life & stay safe

  • Safeguarding - recognising risk for adults & children within their daily lives & supporting safer outcomes

  • Vulnerable children/adults - foster children/families, families in need & at risk

  • Children struggling within education due to additional needs - supporting fuller access to the education they are entitled to

  • Wellbeing of staff & clients

  • Crisis situations within family environments. 

  • Working with children in schools around projects supporting their mental health

  • Chairing & managing professionals within multidisciplinary meetings around children & their families

  • Created packages of care/support around children & families needs

  • Working with adults & children supporting diagnosis & living with Neurodiversity 


  • Approved Solution & Wellbeing Volunteer Specialist with Project 5 - Supporting NHS staff through coaching - I am a Coaching Practice Supervisor for other coaches on this project

  • Member of working party for EMCC Health & Wellbeing Special Interest Group - creating a platform for Best Practice for Coaches working in the field of Wellbeing 

  • Running Group Practice Supervision sessions with other coaches 

  • Mental health First Aider - qualified with MHFA England April 2021


  • Current Enhanced DBS held

  • Certified Level 5 Diploma in Performance Coaching with NLP

  • Member of EMCC

  • Coaching Supervisor - Working through CSTD Certificate in Supervision for Helping Professionals

  • Qualified Mental Health First Aider

  • Certificate in Health & Social Care

  • Trainer of Certified Level 5 Diploma in Coaching with NLP

                                      Hours of experience as a Coach/Supervisor


Looking forward to seeing how I can be of assistance as a coach or coaching supervisor & open to collaboration!