How I got here.......

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About me

My journey so far to me being a Coach & Coaching Supervisor has been a process of joining the dots in a long, continuing journey of wanting to deliver change with individuals, both children & adults.



Working with people who want to explore their lives to connect authentically with their identity. 

This is achieved through offering a coaching service which supports this search by bringing you to a safe, grounded holding space which I have successfully achieved with hundreds of individuals.

I do this through working simply, utilising my own grounded approach to create a bespoke environment which offers curiosity, gentle challenge, insight & actions through the transition of change.

The effect of this empowering & dynamic work creates lasting change, which opens up your life to possibility or planned growth.



To be a Coaching Service encompassing Coaching & Coaching Practice Supervision with Wellbeing as a core emphasis to the work.

To have created a range of accessible Group sessions, Workshops, Courses which educate, offer support for wellbeing or to practitioners within Wellbeing professional fields.

To be a go to place for a safe, ethical, accredited, knowledgeable approach to coaching which meets industry standards (EMCC).

To continue to support individuals or organisations recognise & create access to their full potentials & celebrate the successes that come out of this inspirational work.

To hold this space in the market alongside other leaders in the Coaching & Coaching Practice Supervisors industry.


 Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy.  They are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.  Marcel Proust