Caroline Anthony

Coach & Coaching Supervisor

Working within gratitude, positivity & kindness to support management of your wellbeing to enhance your life

How I got here.....

I bring 30 years’ experience of working inclusively in Health, Social Care & Education fields to my Coaching & Supervision practice.

The majority of these years I was actively engaged within a regular supervision relationship within my professional work which encompassed working with vulnerable adults and children.

I have worked within a variety of fields which include the following:

  • Mental health – supporting adults & children living daily with mental ill health

  • Domestic abuse – supporting rebuilding life and staying safe

  • Safeguarding – recognising risk for adults & children within their daily lives and supporting safer outcomes

  • Vulnerable children/adults – foster children/families, families in need & at risk

  • Children struggling within education due to additional needs

  • Wellbeing of staff and clients

  • Crisis situations within family environments

My Foundations.......

Last year I moved to rural Aberdeenshire from Dorset with my family – the goal was to create an improved lifestyle/work balance and live a simpler life in a wonderful setting which we achieved.  As the photo shows, a dream cottage, which we are in the process of renovating, in the middle of fields just outside a small village.  Heaven!


We embrace rural living within an agricultural community with breathtaking countryside around us to daily spend time within. 


We are blessed to have a variety of coastal areas within half an hour, offering beaches, cliffs, harbours which we are enjoying exploring and spending time at.  We have a variety of wildlife; deer, badgers, foxes, wild birds & hares who share our daily lives which connects me to nature and enhances how I am embracing my environment.  


I have discovered a passion for vegetable gardening which is developing well.   As you can see from the photo,  my dogs (all rescue) are my personal assistants and constant companions.  A wonderful perk to running my own business from home as well as continuing my love of animals as companion animals from early childhood. These current members are proud to be the CROFT PACK.


Personal Development for myself is an ongoing element to my life, my curiosity and appetite for learning is here to stay. I am currently collaborating with some inspirational colleagues to develop accessible mental health tools to support & evolve others mental wellbeing.


Hand in hand with living in such a peaceful place is my mindfulness/meditation practice which allows me to create peaceful, reflective moments in each day.

Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy.  They are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.       Marcel Proust

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