1-1 Online Coaching Practice Supervision

Bringing professionalism to your coaching practice by engaging within 1-1 supervision. Do elements of your coaching that leave you with questions or not sure where to go next?

I can support you through Supervision to explore, understand & bring learning to your coaching practice through......

  • Welcoming you to Supervision

  • Creating a positive rapport in which is a safe holding space for you to share any concerns or queries around direction within your coaching

  • Actively listening to you share your thoughts or concerns

  • Being a solid, grounded professional who can manage emotions, situations & experiences which may be hard for you as a coach to share

  • Bringing Safeguarding into the session when required & how to proceed if disclosures are shared

  • Walking alongside you whilst you are on the pathway which your business is taking you on

  • Supporting your wellbeing, being a coach can be tough & self-care is not always a priority for helping professionals

  • Working within EMCC Ethical Practice as a coach & coaching supervisor meeting your supervision needs

  • Empowering you to find balance & thrive within your coaching & life