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Virtual Coaching Services

I work as a coach working with professional women to help them unpick, recognise & connect with key elements of their personal & professional identiy.

This includes working with your wellbeing to explore & recognise what gets in the way for your or creates conflict & overwhelm.  We can within the coaching process, encompass areas which include; work, relationships, community, responsibilities, personal development & many other key factors which may be impacting your life.

If you are interested in working with me, please explore the options below, or book a discovery call & lets chat .....

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Virtual Coaching Supervision Services

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 Virtual Coaching Services

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Your Gratitude & Authenticity

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Caroline Anthony

'The Nurturer'



What ignites your spark for life?

I am so pleased to have teamed up with my good friend & fellow coach, Roger Hunt of Alder Tree Mindfulness to offer a unique blended approach of coaching and mindfulness.

Our joint programmes offer the opportunity to work with us both, to access some amazing resources and join a wonderful community of like minded people

What steps are you taking to ignite your spark?


Here at The Nurturer & The Storyteller we can walk alongside you on your journey whilst you explore how to keep your spark lit and future proofed against the storms that occur in all our lives.


Our unique approach encompasses curiosity, nature, woods, animals, belief in people, joy & mindfulness to support your journey to build resilience and meaning in your life.


We are building a community of people that recognise they want to create more peace, connection and purpose in their lives, we both come to this from our own personal perspectives having experienced tough times yet celebrating the wonder in our lives now!


Roger Hunt

'The Storyteller'

Interested in finding out more?  Please contact me, I will get back to you within 1-2 days.  Thankyou.

Email:  /  Tel: 07803273960

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